Love the Way They Lie

Exciting news! My third novel, Love the Way They Lie, is now available. The ebook version is available exclusively on Amazon. The paperback version is also available on Amazon and a variety of sites, such as Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. Want to support your favorite indie bookstore? You can also grab the paperback from there.

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In a matter of minutes, a speeding ticket turns her life upside down. 

Thirty-eight-year-old Maggie Simmons has another reason to hate the Department of Motor Vehicles—other than the long lines. A visit to the DMV reveals a photo from a speeding ticket with her husband in the arms of a mystery woman. Maggie’s happy marriage to Nate shatters, but he refuses to leave her alone. In her attempts to move forward, remnants of her old life tear apart.

After separating, she fills the void with her dog, Chili, and a string of unexpected relationships. She finds herself with multiple people vying for her attention—and she enjoys the distraction. However, Maggie soon realizes they may have ulterior motives.

One by one, more betrayal weaves its way into Maggie’s life, leaving her devastated by the idea of being heartbroken and alone. In order to escape her reality, she flirts with the unthinkable—the one thing that triggered her suffering in the first place. A lie.

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