The Secret We Lost

The Secret We Lost, which was published on September 25, 2018, is available on Amazon for your Kindle, as well as in paperback. The paperback version can also be purchased at your favorite indie bookstore and on Barnes & Noble.

Ready to read a sample of The Secret We Lost?


Three generations. One secret. A life-changing twist of fate.

It’s 1993 in Washington, DC, and Elsa Kartchner isn’t getting any younger. But the passage of time is the last thing on her mind. Instead, she’s focused on her free-spirited daughter, Laura, who’s about to start a year-long trip to Russia. When they go their separate ways, Elsa’s sorrow turns into resentment as she becomes sole caretaker to her own mother, Millie.

To cope, Elsa devours Laura’s letters from Russia and indulges in chocolate she keeps in her nightstand. But her stash of sweets isn’t the only thing she’s hiding. That’s because Elsa and Millie have a complicated past. A buried secret haunts them both, and Elsa must decide whether to tell Laura. Fearing that Laura may discover it when she returns, Elsa wants to confess. She travels to Russia hoping for acceptance, but while there, gets a surprise of her own.

In The Secret We Lost, love, loss, and redemption vie for attention against an intercontinental backdrop, as Elsa struggles with the truth.

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