I’m thrilled to share a few reviews of my debut novel, Among the Branded. For more, hop on over to my Amazon page.

“This is a beautiful and fascinating novel that will keep readers hooked.” San Francisco Book Review, ★★★★½

Among the Branded offers something for everyone. The book reads easily and is well-edited, and the supporting cast of characters are interesting and believable.” Awesome Indies, ★★★★★

“Linda Smolkin shows off her storytelling skills, and the power and gravitas of the story make this a successful and enjoyable tale.” SPR, ★★★★

And here’s more from Amazon, Goodreads, and beyond:

“The book is very well-written and plotted. I simply loved it!”

“I think the book has a boat load of conversation fodder.”

“Smolkin’s deft story-telling and well-drawn characters are thoroughly engaging.”

“She’s a great story teller who knows how to keep the pages turning.”

“Hard to believe that this is Smolkin’s debut novel.”

(Hey, it’s Linda. Since you made it down this far, I’ll let you in on a secret: I get emotional (in a good way) when I read reviews. If you decide to check out my book, reach out and let me know, and if you liked it, let others know. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend. Tell your family, friends, colleague, neighbor, you get the idea! And please consider leaving a review on Amazon. It really helps. Thank you!)